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For BMW MINI R56 R60 F54 F55 F56

For BMW MINI R56 R60 F54 F55 F56

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For BMW MINI R56 R60 F54 F55 F56 2007-2017

For R55 (2008-2014): Clubman (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R56 (2007-2013): three-door Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R57 (2009-2016): Convertible Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R58 (2012-2015): coupe (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R59 (2012-2015): Roadster (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R60 (2007-2016): Countryman five-door SUV (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R61 (2013-2016): three-door SUV (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For F54 (2015.10): New 6-door clubman (Cooper & Cooper S version) limited edition
For F55 (released in June 2015): Added 5 Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For F56 (released in April 2014): three-door Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For F57 (released in 2017): the only remaining convertible Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)

Main Feature

1) Built-in Wireless Carplay
2) Android Auto
3) Support aftermarket rear view & 360 camera input
4) USB play (music,HD video)
5) Built-in DSP, EQ adjustable with best audio quality
8) Support Steering Control


1) Built in GPS
Support online map/navigation APP/3D Maps/voice guidence;Support radio/BT/USB playback while navigating

2) Support Carplay /Android Auto
CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your Phone while you drive, with an all-new CarPlay Dashboard that helps you with tunes, turns, and Siri suggestions.

3) Support BT/BT Music
Built-in BT and phone book function.You can sync the phonebook from your mobile phone to this unit and then make hands free mobile phone operation conveniently and quickly. You can also enjoy wireless music playback from your BT device (Support Apple IOS/Android connect).

4) Support Steering Wheeling Control
It can be worked after install our product, you can easy to switch songs, channel and adjust volume, etc.

5) Support aftermarket 360 camera
Not compatible with the original camera, When retrofitted, The Carplay module can support aftermarket 360 camera and rear and front camera.

6) Built-in DSP(amplifier chip Si47925)
EQ adjustment for loudspeaker power distribution, master tone clearwith transparent/medium-tone mellow listening/bass full strong.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
Emre Angin
Fastest delivery from china

I bought a apple carplay which is working fluently without and freeze. Top product top seller

Ulrich Giske
Loving it!

Great product and customer service. I was skeptical first but after communicating and getting all my answer from the seller, I decided and went forward with my purchase and very happy about my decision so far. I have been using it for a couple weeks and had no connectivity issues. Display is nice and noticeable sound improvement when using streaming apps.
Install took me 3 hrs and I would highly recommend watching available install videos before to get familiar.
I didn’t. run into any issues but space for radio and harnesses gets really cramped and I recommend taking your time and be patient.
After install I noticed first some audio distortion which got resolved after I followed the configuration steps provided by the customer service and it sounds great now.
I also have the head display and although it will not show the new display info (Google, Waze etc application directions) in the heads-up display it works great and I’m ok with that. The heads-up display will still show all previous information, navigation without any issues.
I was contemplating getting the module first but glad I rather went for the entire display replacement, which provides a much better resolution, touchscreen and easier install (don’t have to take out glove box to find space for adding the module/box).
I give it a 5 star for product, customer service and performance/functionality.

Joe Wilson

Haven't installed yet. Thinking about returning and getting the black box.


Have bought many many times from here, never ever had a bad experience, will always recommend

Flawless device - Every bit as good as I'd hoped

F20 Linux screen; Everything just works. Boots in seconds, wireless Carplay connects reliably, display is perfect, even when wearing polarized shades. All music/calls still routed through OEM BMW bluetooth, so sound is great.
Highly recommended.

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