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For Peugeot 508 2008 408

For Peugeot 508 2008 408

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Wireless Apple CarPlay

For Peugeot 2008 408 508 mit 7 inch LCD screen

Peugeot 508 7 "2014-2016
Peugeot 2008 7 "2014-2016
Peugeot 408 7 "2014-2016


1) Wireless Apple Carplay
2) IOS AirPlay mirror link
3) Android Auto
4) Andoid phone mirroring link
5) Support after-sale rearview & DVR & 360 camera input
6) USB playback (music, video)
7) EQ adjustable, best sound quality
8) The original car line is plug and play, no cutting, continuous line, no damage

This amazing kit adds full CarPlay functionality to your existing console while retaining all of the original console functionality.

Whether your host system ships with navigation, phone modules or Bluetooth, Apple Maps, Spotify, making/receiving calls, or replying to texts with Siri, the system fully supports Apple systems and phone functionality. The CarPlay system supports button and steering wheel controls and integrates with console or glove box USB.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Jennings
2012 Range Rover Sport L320 Carplay update

Road Top CarPlay is a great addition to the 2012 Range Rover Sport, and you get a great price purchasing direct from Road Top. Very satisfied after my first week. The Road Top unit shipped quickly and was well protected. Instructions were adequate, but only for the actual unit. No vehicle specific trim panel removal instructions. However, I found several YouTube videos showing how to remove the dash panels and display screen. I was able to connect all of the wiring without removing the main head unit or the main center console panel, which made the job pretty easy. I ran the USB cable into the upper glove box and also mounted the wireless antenna in the same place. The instructions show 3 dip switch setting options, and it was the 3rd option that worked for me, so definitely test everything before reassembly. The second day after install I found the CarPlay unit did not respond when selecting the NAV button. The OEM NAV started instead. However, I disconnected the vehicle battery cable for a few seconds hoping it would force a reset, which it did. Everything has been working fine ever since. I did not need to contact Road Top for any technical support which builds confidence in the product. I found the volume to be much lower than other audio sources so the speakers would blast if switching from CarPlay to say the Radio. I could not find a specific control for individual source volume, but I resolved this using the Road Top EQ found in settings. I use a flat EQ profile but raised the gain across all bands to boost the overall volume. Set all mine at 7 or 8. Good luck with your own installation.

Aleksandr Okorockov
Well satisfied

I've upgraded my Sync2 to apple CarPlay screen with no hassle and for relatively low price. Well satisfied with how it works and can't be happier more.

Thomas Jensen
Easy Install works perfect!

I installed in my 2015 Lexus RX350 with factory blutooth and navigation with a joystick control.
Video and instructions involved removing concole, radio head end and display and after that is was plug and play. DIP switch settings worked as instructed. Tech support assisted via email to help me get the settings correct. Backup cmaera and steering wheel controls are all functioning as before.

Now I have SIRI assisting with navigation, phone calls and even reading text messages as I drive.

Very Nice!

Highly recommended.

Chang-hsuan Hsieh
Good service

recommend this product for no carplay car upgrade

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