Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto complete review & setup

Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto complete review & setup

RoadTop has created an 8.8” Portable Universal Wireless CarPlay system that can easily fit into any car simply with the 12V connector. Could this be the revolutionary solution for older vehicles? We run through our initial impressions, unboxing, setup and complete review of this system and if it’s right for you. See below for a direct link !

So, what does Road Top say about it?
Fit for All Different Car Type – This is a touchscreen with apple carplay, android auto, bluetooth, mirror link and navigation function. Our unit fit for all different car brand, such as for Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Jeep, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Hyundai and so on. The best choice if your car is without factory original screen.

Built in Wireless/Wired Carplay & Android Auto – Built in IOS carplay and android auto functions,It can work with Siri/ Maps/ Music/ Phone Call. listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music or other app and access to messages.

Bulit in Mirror Link – The mobile mirroring function for Android phones and ios systems. With this feature, you can use map navigation, watch your favorite movie or music video from the app installed on your phone, such as youtube. (Download “M-link” app by your android phone and complete the installation)

Real Plug and Play Device – With Non-destructive installation designed, Don’t need to take out your host device and your dashboard, just plug and play. Strong suction cup can be wall-mounted at the smooth/textured surface, windshield, dashboard and other place where you like. You can’t control it by your car steering wheel. or car knob, you can only control it by hand touch or your phone.

What You Will Get
1x 8.8 inch screen
1x Bracket
1x silicone pad
1x Power Cable
1x Nano rubber pad
1x Aux cable
1x Cigarette lighter
One-year global warranty and permanent technical service support!

On top of what’s listed above, you will also receive a rear view camera, aux cable, user manual and ‘double’ cigarette lighter – allowing you to have your dash cam plugged in at the same time. This double cigarette lighter also has 2x USB ports – props to Road Top for thinking about us connected individuals with multiple technological devices that requires constant charging!

Setup & Installation
One of the greatest benefits of the Road Top Portable CarPlay Unit is its ease of use. To setup this system, it simply requires plugging in the power cable into the 12V connector/cigarette lighter and the other side into the back of the device.

Next step, connect the bracket and suction cup and you’re good to go! See our video above for more information on how to setup, but it is exceptionally easy.

Another great feature is that the Road Top Portable CarPlay Unit can be easily taken out of your vehicle and quickly installed into another one – making it the only truly portable CarPlay unit. It is completely portable from car to car!

If you are somebody that has multiple cars or switches cars often, then this is certainly the unit for you. Furthermore, if you are avoiding ripping out your current vehicle’s head unit and installing another, this device is also perfect as it requires no cabling, no tricky installation and no extra money!

The unit itself connects to the suction cup via the mounting ball. The great thing about the mounting ball is that it can connect to almost any mounting device that uses the same ball type feature. This is great if you prefer to keep the mount in the car and take off the display (to change cars, or to store it for security and so on). Otherwise this mounting system is universal and allows for easy replacements.

The Road Top Portable CarPlay Unit is super easy to connect. You have the choice of connecting your phone via Bluetooth or by simply plugging in via USB. For Bluetooth, it takes a quick setup process one time, and then the phone is automatically recognised when the car has power – this usually takes up to 10 seconds and CarPlay is working really surprisingly quickly.

As for the connection to the car, the Road Top Portable CarPlay Unit can be connected via Bluetooth, AUX or FM radio. If your car has an AUX input, this is the easiest method to connect. Otherwise if your car is a bit more dated, the great thing about this unit is how it allows you to connect to a radio station – the same function as an FM transmitter.

I have only positive comments to add regarding the connections of this device. It also has USB input and rear view camera input and makes for an extremely versatile unit.

My initial impressions of this device have been positive since the get go. The item came in a nifty little box that had all of the accessories I could have asked for. It was packaged presentably and not in a cost cutting way with generic boxes/items.

Installation was incredibly easy, not only for the device itself but for the connections to my phone and car and I have had no issues with it ever since. The moment I turn my car on, the device powers up and within a matter of seconds (10-20 seconds at most), Apple CarPlay appears automatically on the screen.

The biggest, most glorious upside to this device is that its WIRELESS CarPlay – meaning I don’t have to plug my phone via USB for CarPlay to appear (unlike many other head units). I simply turn on my car and away we go, the Bluetooth connection does its job effortlessly.

The audio through the system is also not muffled, or diminished due to the number of connections. All works perfectly and I could not notice any drop in sound quality, even with the double Bluetooth connection option. Props to Road Top for managing to avoid quality loss.

The CarPlay system itself is fantastic. The screen is so large that 10 icons can be seen on CarPlay. Not only that, but the half half option is brilliant – this shows your GPS/Maps system on one half of the screen and then your audio player on the other half, AND your calendar if you have upcoming events. This system has made my life incredibly easy.

The Apps on the system, well, these are just all of the apps that work on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For me, this was Spotify, Podcasts, Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, settings, messages, phone, books, Zoom and plenty more. The home page even updates if you prefer Waze or Google Maps over Apple Maps.

The system also has a USB input to listen to your own locally stored audio and video. It actually has an inbuilt speaker – which explains how the AUX connection to the car works. But it also works without any connection if, for some reason, you have no car speakers.

The Mirrorlink app can also be utilised on an Android phone. Simply download the M-Link app on your phone and away you go, it will work just like any other M-Link system.

The rear view camera setup was easy and can be wired through. Simply hit the camera on the home page and it will show what’s behind you at any given point. You may have to get out of CarPlay for this as it won’t be connected to your gear shift (when you select reverse).

The display itself is a capacitative touchscreen, meaning it is responsive and won’t lag like old school resistive displays. This makes the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto experience much more fluid and won’t aggravate you. It just works and works quite well.

The size of the display is also a huge win – given that many cars might only have a 7-inch display built in, this 8.8-inch display is welcoming and easily seen when driving to help keep your eyes on the road.

I am genuinely impressed with the utility of this system and its functionality. After several months of use, I am incredibly satisfied with the product as it ticks all of my boxes. It’s fast, easy, responsive, convenient and makes my driving experience much more enjoyable.

This product is perfect for those who aren’t keen to upgrade their entire head unit system, and even those looking to secure their display to swap with other vehicles. Another huge benefit is it’s Wireless capabilities. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is activated the moment you turn on power and you would never even have to take your phone out of your pocket or bag.

With the right placement to avoid movement, the Road Top Portable CarPlay Unit sits perfectly within most vehicles and has peak position in any car – which is exactly the point. The large display enhances the driving experience and provides for a safer ride, allowing easy access to maps, music, phone calls etc. without taking your eyes off the road.

Want a discount? Say no more!
You can get your hands on one of these for $275 (USD) from this link.

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