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For BMW 1 2 Series CCC CIC NBT EVO

For BMW 1 2 Series CCC CIC NBT EVO

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Android 13 Android Touch Screen

For BMW 1 Series E81/E82/E87/E88 2004-2012 CCC CIC
For BMW 1 2 Series F20/F21/F23 2012-2016 NBT System
For BMW 1 2 Series F20/F21/F23 2017-2019 EVO System


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Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Device is great, and so is service!

Device is great! Easy enough to install, works quick too. No lagging. But customer service is just as great! Always replying to my questions in timely manner!

Dean M
Better than BMW!

I was a bit hesitant to tackle this type of project. It’s not something I’ve ever done before. After reading the reviews and watching several YouTube videos I was convinced that I could do this… and that the Road Top unit was the best choice. If you have a 2016 BMW F10 with the NBT head unit the installation couldn’t be more straight forward. My intention was to install the unit for CarPlay functionality. I used the installation videos and instructions as my information source.

1. Plan your project… working in the car is tight quarters. You need to know where you’ll place trim pieces, control panels etc… the last thing you want is to damage something. Also, you’ll need a T20 Torx driver and a couple of towels to protect your console. This can be invaluable if you drop a screw… they’re easier to find.

2. The NBT installation did not require me to run the aux cable so I didn’t need to remove my console.

3. Don’t try to leave all of the cables connected. It’s easier to work with just what you need as you need it. TAKE YOUR TIME. Some of the cables are tight and in awkward locations. They’re well marked and easy to reconnect. By the way…I did disconnect the battery. No sense in risking electronic damage.

4. I connected all of the components and tested the functionality. Once satisfied I started the reassembly. Putting this back together with the new additional wiring makes it a challenge. It’ll work best if you can use your hands to make room.

Finally, I’m 62 years old. I was able to complete this project in under 3 hours. The unit is light years ahead of my iDrive experience. Every function is working flawlessly and the screen resolution is spectacular! I wholeheartedly recommend this product!

Raul Torres
Works as expected

Looks just like the factory display but brings the car up to modern technology standards.

Emre Angin
Fastest delivery from china

I bought a apple carplay which is working fluently without and freeze. Top product top seller

Ulrich Giske
Loving it!

Great product and customer service. I was skeptical first but after communicating and getting all my answer from the seller, I decided and went forward with my purchase and very happy about my decision so far. I have been using it for a couple weeks and had no connectivity issues. Display is nice and noticeable sound improvement when using streaming apps.
Install took me 3 hrs and I would highly recommend watching available install videos before to get familiar.
I didn’t. run into any issues but space for radio and harnesses gets really cramped and I recommend taking your time and be patient.
After install I noticed first some audio distortion which got resolved after I followed the configuration steps provided by the customer service and it sounds great now.
I also have the head display and although it will not show the new display info (Google, Waze etc application directions) in the heads-up display it works great and I’m ok with that. The heads-up display will still show all previous information, navigation without any issues.
I was contemplating getting the module first but glad I rather went for the entire display replacement, which provides a much better resolution, touchscreen and easier install (don’t have to take out glove box to find space for adding the module/box).
I give it a 5 star for product, customer service and performance/functionality.

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