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For Peugeot 508 2008 408

For Peugeot 508 2008 408

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Wireless Apple CarPlay

For Peugeot 2008 408 508 mit 7 inch LCD screen

Peugeot 508 7 "2014-2016
Peugeot 2008 7 "2014-2016
Peugeot 408 7 "2014-2016


1) Wireless Apple Carplay
2) IOS AirPlay mirror link
3) Android Auto
4) Andoid phone mirroring link
5) Support after-sale rearview & DVR & 360 camera input
6) USB playback (music, video)
7) EQ adjustable, best sound quality
8) The original car line is plug and play, no cutting, continuous line, no damage

This amazing kit adds full CarPlay functionality to your existing console while retaining all of the original console functionality.

Whether your host system ships with navigation, phone modules or Bluetooth, Apple Maps, Spotify, making/receiving calls, or replying to texts with Siri, the system fully supports Apple systems and phone functionality. The CarPlay system supports button and steering wheel controls and integrates with console or glove box USB.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Heister
Best option for adding Android Auto or CarPlay to your JLR

Let's be honest: You're considering this because it's the cheapest of the boxes that offer this capability. And it delivers. I was skeptical, too, but it was less than 1/3 of the price of the "name brand" competitors, which all seem to do exactly the same thing. So I rolled the dice and purchased directly from Road Top for $209, including shipping. Shipping was fast. Only about 4 days to Iowa. The packaging and device build quality were both very good. Cable looms are well made and well pretty well labeled, but really it only plugs in one way because each of the connectors are unique, so the labels aren't that important. The only issue I had was with getting the main connector into the head unit was very tight. I shaved a touch off the top of the clip and added a bit of silicon grease on the high spots and that helped a little. The instructions provided were high quality with lots of pictures and a QR code to how to disassemble your interior. After you get everything plugged in, make sure you test it before putting you interior back together. You may have to adjust the DIP switches to get it to display correctly (all well described in the provided instructions), or, as with my case, it may not display anything at all....
Tech support. I was not happy that it didn't just work right away, and the troubleshooting guide didn't address this issue. I emailed the address in the order confirmation email and sent some pictures and a link to a video I took showing the issue. If you need support, take pictures and video of the issue. Tech support is in China, so be prepared to wait overnight for a response if you are in the USA. Responses were in very good English and were clear and helpful. I think the video was the best thing I did to facilitate this exchange given that I had a non-standard problem. Tech support suggested a couple of things from the troubleshooting section of the manual, which I'd already done, but they also sent a very small (39 KB) ZIP file that contained a firmware upgrade. The upgrade was easy, just unzip the files, put them on a clean FAT32 formatted USB drive, and then boot the Road Top box with that plugged into it. Wait 5 minutes, then unplug the USB drive and reboot. That upgrade is what fixed my issue, which honestly surprised me. The remaining configuration setting within the device interface was very easy and covered in the instructions. Don't overthink this, just follow the instructions even if you think otherwise. It works like a champ. I put everything back together and it has been great. The only issue I had is that the WiFi channel programmed for use in the US is channel 6 which is used by everything. I was getting interference driving through neighborhoods, at traffic lights, everywhere. I changed to the Europe setting (136, I think), and it is much better. Don't tell the FCC. But you can do all that through the interface in just a few seconds, so you don't have to take the interior apart again.
Functionality. The only things you give up when installing this are the factory navigation (no problem, you want your phone nav, anyway) and within Android Auto or CarPlay, you can't change tracks with the steering wheel controls (volume and phone controls on the wheel work fine, and the track buttons work if you are listening from any other source than the Road top). That's it. You can still use the factory bluetooth for calls or music if you want. The factory backup camera works like normal, as do the park assist functions. It changes between factory screens and AA or CP screens seamlessly. All the stuff in the 4x4 and "Extra Features" sections of the factory infotainment system work great. The Road Top box has an EQ built in, and you may want to adjust that to get good sound quality through CP and AA. Good luck!

iñigo alegre tellechea
Mazda cx5

Fast shipping and everything perfect.
I have already bought several products and all of them are luxury.
Impeccable support for any questions.

Jim Lovelady
There are many good qualities of this module

It arrived quickly and looked simple enough to install. However, there was NO manual and it took over 3.5 hours to install. Without any guidance, most everything works except the rear view camera. A request has been sent to the manufacturer for a response on how to connect everything.

Doug Sterenberg
Way to update after the 3G towers were turned off

I recently installed CarPlay in my 2017 Lexus Rx350, and I have to say, it works like a champ! The installation process was straightforward and didn't require any complicated modifications to my car's system.

Once installed, CarPlay seamlessly integrates with the car's infotainment system, providing a user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and responsive.

One of the things I love about CarPlay is its seamless integration with my iPhone. I can easily access my favorite apps, such as Apple Maps for navigation, Apple Music for streaming music, and Siri for hands-free control. The voice recognition is excellent, and Siri understands my commands accurately, allowing me to keep my eyes on the road while staying connected.

The sound quality during phone calls and music playback is impressive. The CarPlay system utilizes the car's built-in speakers, providing clear and immersive audio. I also appreciate the ability to use steering wheel controls and voice commands to control the system, adding to the convenience and safety while driving.

Overall, installing CarPlay in my 2017 Lexus Rx350 has greatly enhanced my driving experience. It's a must-have upgrade for anyone looking to bring the latest technology and seamless connectivity to their car. I highly recommend it to all Lexus Rx350 owners who want to enjoy the benefits of CarPlay like a champ!

Syed Ahmed
Road top Apple play for Lexus ES300H 2014

Great product, works great in my 2014 Lexus ES 300h with factory navigation. Works like a champ. Great sharp picture. The installer charged $250 to install and brought out a USB cable inside the little handy box next to the gear shift handle. The installer said everything fitted perfectly without cutting anything. Now I can charge and use the Apple maps at the same time. Five stars

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