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For BMW MINI R56 R60 F54 F55 F56

For BMW MINI R56 R60 F54 F55 F56

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For BMW MINI R56 R60 F54 F55 F56 2007-2017

For R55 (2008-2014): Clubman (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R56 (2007-2013): three-door Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R57 (2009-2016): Convertible Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R58 (2012-2015): coupe (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R59 (2012-2015): Roadster (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R60 (2007-2016): Countryman five-door SUV (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For R61 (2013-2016): three-door SUV (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For F54 (2015.10): New 6-door clubman (Cooper & Cooper S version) limited edition
For F55 (released in June 2015): Added 5 Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For F56 (released in April 2014): three-door Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)
For F57 (released in 2017): the only remaining convertible Mini (Cooper & Cooper S version)

Main Feature

1) Built-in Wireless Carplay
2) Android Auto
3) Support aftermarket rear view & 360 camera input
4) USB play (music,HD video)
5) Built-in DSP, EQ adjustable with best audio quality
8) Support Steering Control


1) Built in GPS
Support online map/navigation APP/3D Maps/voice guidence;Support radio/BT/USB playback while navigating

2) Support Carplay /Android Auto
CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your Phone while you drive, with an all-new CarPlay Dashboard that helps you with tunes, turns, and Siri suggestions.

3) Support BT/BT Music
Built-in BT and phone book function.You can sync the phonebook from your mobile phone to this unit and then make hands free mobile phone operation conveniently and quickly. You can also enjoy wireless music playback from your BT device (Support Apple IOS/Android connect).

4) Support Steering Wheeling Control
It can be worked after install our product, you can easy to switch songs, channel and adjust volume, etc.

5) Support aftermarket 360 camera
Not compatible with the original camera, When retrofitted, The Carplay module can support aftermarket 360 camera and rear and front camera.

6) Built-in DSP(amplifier chip Si47925)
EQ adjustment for loudspeaker power distribution, master tone clearwith transparent/medium-tone mellow listening/bass full strong.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Louis Dupin

Nice customer service, good product, easy to install and works perfectly.

Jesús Jose Sánchez Flores
funciona perfectamente

todo funciona correcto, fácil instalación.....

Device is great, and so is service!

Device is great! Easy enough to install, works quick too. No lagging. But customer service is just as great! Always replying to my questions in timely manner!

Dean M
Better than BMW!

I was a bit hesitant to tackle this type of project. It’s not something I’ve ever done before. After reading the reviews and watching several YouTube videos I was convinced that I could do this… and that the Road Top unit was the best choice. If you have a 2016 BMW F10 with the NBT head unit the installation couldn’t be more straight forward. My intention was to install the unit for CarPlay functionality. I used the installation videos and instructions as my information source.

1. Plan your project… working in the car is tight quarters. You need to know where you’ll place trim pieces, control panels etc… the last thing you want is to damage something. Also, you’ll need a T20 Torx driver and a couple of towels to protect your console. This can be invaluable if you drop a screw… they’re easier to find.

2. The NBT installation did not require me to run the aux cable so I didn’t need to remove my console.

3. Don’t try to leave all of the cables connected. It’s easier to work with just what you need as you need it. TAKE YOUR TIME. Some of the cables are tight and in awkward locations. They’re well marked and easy to reconnect. By the way…I did disconnect the battery. No sense in risking electronic damage.

4. I connected all of the components and tested the functionality. Once satisfied I started the reassembly. Putting this back together with the new additional wiring makes it a challenge. It’ll work best if you can use your hands to make room.

Finally, I’m 62 years old. I was able to complete this project in under 3 hours. The unit is light years ahead of my iDrive experience. Every function is working flawlessly and the screen resolution is spectacular! I wholeheartedly recommend this product!

Raul Torres
Works as expected

Looks just like the factory display but brings the car up to modern technology standards.

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