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Portable 8.8" Car Touchscreen

Portable 8.8" Car Touchscreen

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Hey! Everyone, please don't use your cell phone while driving!

Not only will it cost you a hefty fine, but it will also cause immeasurable traffic accidents.

New research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that encouraging the use of Apple CarPlay & Android Auto while driving and running more advanced forms of intelligence may prevent more accidents.

Connect Your Smartphone to The Screen to Provide Easy Instant Access to CarPlay, Android Auto, Music, Maps, Messages, and Calls.
Designed with safety in mind, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto is the safest, smartest way to enjoy your smartphone while driving. Access Apple iPhone Music, explore Apple Maps, make calls and send and receive messages – all hands-free and all on-the-go. Just plug in your iPhone or your Andriod smartphone and drive. Access all features from your compatible phone while you drive your car. Featuring larger icons, a simplified interface, and easy-to-use voice actions, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay minimize distractions so you can stay focused on the road.

If You Do Not Have A Fancy New Stereo With CarPlay Or You Have An Old Car.

This 8.8' Portable Universal Dashboard Console Is A Breakthrough Solution To Adding Apple CarPlay&Android Auto In Your Car Without The Requirement Of An Expensive Head Unit Install Or System Replacement. You Can Connect Your Phone With This CarPlay Console Easily Via Bluetooth Or Wi-Fi.

Fit for All Different Car Type – This is a touchscreen with apple carplay, android auto, bluetooth, mirror link and navigation function. Our unit fit for all different car brand, such as for Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Jeep, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Hyundai and so on. The best choice if your car is without factory original screen.

Main Feature

  • 1. Support Wireless & Wired Apple Carplay & Android Auto
  • 2. Support for Apple/Android phones mirror links, built-in microphone for hands free calling.
  • 3. Compatible with Bluetooth for wireless music streaming.
  • 4. Come with A AHD Rear Camera
  • 5. Support TF and USB Mode, can charge mobile phones.
  • 6. Three Audio Modes: Bluetooth, AUX, FM
  • 7. Support one-click switching between day and night modes
  • 8. Easy to Install: 5 minutes to do, no skills are required.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 275 reviews
Elad Shtamer
Dual Bluetooth is not good, overall not bad

I expected much more from a 250$ unit
My car doesn't have an aux input
So I tried the Bluetooth transmitter. I is skipping audio and people talking to me on calls hear themselves with an echo
All that is ok if I use FM transmitter
But quality is much worst

Walker Wilson
My truck is complete

Because of my navigation system in the 2011 F250 King Ranch, the SYNC system doesn’t work with the Bluetooth connectivity to the unit, however I just used the included AUX cable and plugged the unit into the car system AUX port and turned the output on the Ford to AUX. I then connected my phone to the RoadTop and the wireless CarPlay was connected.

I’m just going to list a bunch of things I like so far!

Everything works flawlessly, I listen to a lot of loud music and the quality is still there, I haven’t messed with the EQ settings, but might one day. All the factory system settings still work and affect the sound. Tapping the small power icon on the main home menu of the device turns the screen off but keeps playing music, which was amazing for driving at night, somewhat of a hidden feature without being labeled.

The screen doesn’t lag at all and boots up fairly quickly. The wireless CarPlay was taking about 15-20 seconds to start playing my music or pull up the map, which wasn’t a noticeably long time. The power cable is long enough for me to feed it around my dash and down below the driver’s cockpit and into the center console, which was a huge bonus being able to completely hide the cable without drilling holes or even removing parts of the dash or console.

To sum everything up, I’m extremely pleased with the functionality of the unit, I wish I could be connected via Bluetooth, but maybe I’m getting better audio with the AUX anyways🤷‍♂️ As you can see in the windshield reflection I’m using the suction cup Mount, I may try to find a much smaller profile solution for this to keep it much cleaner in the future, but other than that I’m completely satisfied and would 100% recommend this to someone who doesn’t have CarPlay, it changes your whole experience, especially on this RoadTop wide screen, it gives an awesome view instead of it being square like the majority of screens.

Wanted to give all the details for the people who need it

Definitely a 10/10

Hi, friend, I'm glad you like our products, feel free to contact our online customer service if you have any questions, wish you a happy life !

Oscar Bustillos
Excelente producto

Estoy muy contento con los equipos, realmente la solución que buscaba

Dennis Pierce
Great radio for the price

Easy install,easy Bluetooth connection, not wild about the few options for display ( clock etc) but definitely worth the price for my work van.

Great value, perfect DIY radio "This was written roughly two months after installing.

Unit has been great. Bought a used car for under $3k and it didn't have a working stereo. Didn't want to spend much, and this delivered. Connects to Bluetooth without any delay, unlike some factory radios and power output is good.

It's a terrific unit for the price -- aside from a few minor things, it's not any different than some $500-$600 units I've owned.

For those looking to install at home with no experience, have no fears. The radio comes with a wiring harness that plugs into the unit, and the vehicle specific harness splices into that harness, and plugging into the factory plug.

That's mostly it. In all, a great value."

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