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Good piece of kit

Installed it myself in my Mini. Best fitted above the glove box. Also fitted a reversing camera to it which works well. Very pleased.

Flawless Work on 09 335

These are always the best, I install these units every week on various cars.

CarPlay MMI X3 G01

After a month using MMI, so far all good. Were couple times CarPlay was lagging, whatever you press with control button, no reaction. Re-connecting again was helping.
Installation was a bit hard as was really struggling to fit all the cables and 2 units in the small compartment, but somehow managed.


Super easy install

For android auto

Perfectly fit for my w176 (2013). Thanks.

Android per moto. Android for motorcycle.

Il supporto per la navigazione che cercavo per la moto. Davvero ben realizzato e funzionale, adattabile a tutte le moto, risolve il problema del surriscaldamento dello Smartphone, inoltre tutte le App vengono trasmesse tramite android auto. Utilissimo il doppio bluetooth per connettere l'interfono del casco. Di semplice utilizzo e facile da settare con altri device.
The navigation support I was looking for for my motorbike. Really well made and functional, adaptable to all motorbikes, it solves the problem of smartphone overheating, furthermore all the apps are transmitted via Android Auto. The double Bluetooth for connecting the helmet intercom is very useful. Simple to use and easy to set up with other devices.

CarPlay kit device

It’s working nicely most of the time, but sometimes I have to reconnect my phone, I liked the fact that I have the option to connect the audio through bluetooth to the car in the settings and I don’t have to use the AUX to USB audio connection. In general, Overall not bad product but still using the small with no touch screen is somehow not the best CarPlay experience and maybe I’ll try in the future the larger android screen option.

Little big

This product is fine but it’s too “big”. Near the nbt evo system there is no space

For BMW i3 I01
Harry Jones
Product is okay but delivery could be better

Overall experience was okay.

Speechless 🇨🇦

I installed it on my 2014 Cadillac ATS and it’s so amazing. No lag at all. It’s running smooth and also I don’t have to connect my phone everytime as it’s wireless so just one time connect and it’s ready to go. They also provide a good manual on how to install but I found a video from GTA car kits more detailed on how to install it. So I would say refer to that if you’re installing it.

Affordable Tech that greatly enhanced everyday usability!

Carplay is all you would need to bring a ~15 year old system back to life… super affordable and straightforward to use! Installation takes time but just be patient and watch more videos online and the outcome is definitely worth it👍

For BMW i3 I01
Carlos Maggard
Great product / customer service sucks

I have been trying to get someone to send me the firmware code so I can update. Never a response back. I would research which company have the best customer service before you buy a unit.

iOS 17 - Device fails to connect

My device doesn‘t connect for CarPlay anymore after upgrading to iOS 17. What can I do to fix it?

Great factory upgrade! Works as advertised.

Although one must have some type of skills in disassembly of the dash components of a Mercedes. I’m sure if I had to do into again it’d be quite simple. Straight forward instructions. Ground your ground wires so you don’t have to take apart the dash twice. Great update for my 2013 CLS550. Fast shipping and they communicate well if you have any questions or concerns.

Great Product

The Roadtop CarPlay box adds great value for a reasonable price to my car. Good integration into the car ecosystem and very easy to install.

Really Satisfied!

I recently got an MMI box from Road Top for my Apple CarPlay, and I gotta say, it's amazing! The price was super affordable too! 🚗💥

Road Top

My device stop working as soon I upgrade my Iphone to IOS 17 what can I do to fix it

Top, Top, Top

Brilliant Display and worked as it should. I am so happy with RoadTop

For Audi A6 A7
Michael Mc cabe
Carplay units

I am a professional car audio installer. I been fitting car play units for a few years now.I was using a different brand for years with little or no issue's.Started uning RoadTop car play units a short while now and i must say the they are so superior and fantastic technical support. 5 star rating all day long.

Francisco Gisbert villaplana


Awesome addition to my car!

I have a 2013 Mercedes GLA, I heard about the idea of carplay from a friend, so I decided to buy this screen. I highly recommend this product because of the great seller service and the idea of this product.


This works if you don't have a Bluetooth radio beforehand.

Very pleased

The seller provided an instruction manual and a YouTube installation tutorial, and I installed it myself. You can use various apps on Android, such as Waze, Chrome, Pandora, Hulu, etc. I love it.