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BMW 7 Series CIC CCC NBT Touch Screen Review

The unit is installed, upon attempting to get a 4G SIM card, proved to be very difficult, my carrier AT&T stated that the CIC unit supported both 3G and 4G and because it supported 3G , which in no longer in used or supported their SIMs would not work. After a long search for a SIM, I did find one from T-Moble which did work, I’m testing it now. Recommend the 7 Series CCC CIC NBT TOUCH SCREEN cellular be upgraded to 4G/5G so any carrier SIMs are supported.

Works well

I like the screen so far, it does the entertainment I want

Good price

It's cheaper than other seller.

A great little screen

No need to look at my phone during my ride, so it's safer.

Brilliant idea

I never thought I could use apple carplay on my motorcycle.

Worth it

Easy to install and very reasonably priced. So I recommend it!


When I connect to carplay, it will automatically sync my phone app and I can also use Siri.

Great purchase

I recently bought this screen, and it really works on my motorbike. I'm not a professional racer, but I do appreciate it when it adds value to me.

Worth the price

I'm surprised no one has done an in-depth review on this one. Still, I opted for the road top screen and was pleasantly surprised that I had no problem connecting it to my iPhone 12 pro and my motorcycle.

A good buy

Highly recommend it! If I can install it anyone can install it easily.


I bought it as a gift for my wife.

Very nice little screen

Fixed on the motorcycle, it will not fall down. The resolution of the screen is very high, and the screen is very clear in sunlight. Its touchscreen responds quickly.

Amazing Motorcycle Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Screen

Water resistant, and with features like CarPlay and Bluetooth, you can stay connected on the road. Recommended to buy.

Good to have

Road Top portable Carplay screen surprised me because other 5-inch screens have poor picture quality, low resolution, but the Road Top portable Carplay screen has great resolution!

Works as advertised

Road Top motorcycle has a high-resolution screen that can be seen clearly even when driving in sunlight.

Got this for my KTM

The effect is amazing! Automatic synchronization after opening! Very fast response.

Easy to use

Really easy to install, I've gone from one motorcycle to another.

Amazing product!

The motorcycle screen was crystal clear and CarPlay connected as soon as I started the car. You can play music through the carplay. Now almost every car has carplay, and this is the first time I have seen a motorcycle with carplay!

Works very well

The device does support CarPlay and it works well. Can be touched with motorcycle gloves.


This motorcycle navigation screen is very waterproof. I tried spraying it with a high pressure gun. It's still waterproof. This waterproof function is very powerful.

Portable Wireless Carplay Screen for Motorcycle!

The most surprising aspect of this motorcycle navigation screen is its built-in dual Bluetooth capability, which pairs your phone with the CarPlay touchscreen via Bluetooth and pairs the device with a Bluetooth helmet.

Road Top Patience and Grace

I rushed my installation (preparing for vacation) and botched the install. Road Top patiently provide daily suggestions and at the end, they were correct, my video cables were not correct. Having resolved, I am extremely happy to have CarPlay working on my 2016 BMW Z4. Thank you Road Top!

For Mercedes Benz A CLA GLA W176 W117 X156

Really nice product

Easy to install, it takes about 30 minutes.
It works really well, the only issue is with the “joystick” that is not so perfect with CarPlay but is still usable.

For Audi Q5
Harry Paparizos
Car play for q5

Easy to install, quick delivery, good product all round for those choosing to upgrade their MMi system, incorporates well into systems without a lot of fuss making car play control easy. Should have a touch screen option for those choosing to upgrade even further (this is my suggestion)