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Road Top Patience and Grace

I rushed my installation (preparing for vacation) and botched the install. Road Top patiently provide daily suggestions and at the end, they were correct, my video cables were not correct. Having resolved, I am extremely happy to have CarPlay working on my 2016 BMW Z4. Thank you Road Top!

For Mercedes Benz A CLA GLA W176 W117 X156

Really nice product

Easy to install, it takes about 30 minutes.
It works really well, the only issue is with the “joystick” that is not so perfect with CarPlay but is still usable.

For Audi Q5
Harry Paparizos
Car play for q5

Easy to install, quick delivery, good product all round for those choosing to upgrade their MMi system, incorporates well into systems without a lot of fuss making car play control easy. Should have a touch screen option for those choosing to upgrade even further (this is my suggestion)

Does what it says but will disconnect your HUD if you have one.(2014 528)

This install was simple, and the system works as advertised, but if you have the tech or premium package with the heads up display, (HUD), the hud won’t work after the installation, whether you are in Android Auto or bypassing the system and in the original NBT interface. As such, I’m uninstalling it, but if you don’t have a hud, it’s a good unit.

Please contact Roadtop online customer service, she will help you solve related problems. Regarding the unavailable HUD, we provide two solutions:
1. Turn off the 'Enable Wheel Key' function
2. Upgrade the MCU

For BMW CIC System 1 2 3 4 5 7 Series X1 X3 X4 X5 X6

For Audi A4 A5
Delphrano Fleming
Just what i needed

great product. quick shipping…took almost 4 hrs to install (had to remove dashboard and glove compartment, but worth it.

Big Upgrade

Had it for a couple weeks now and can say it has been a huge upgrade to my infotainment system. Installed it myself in a couple of hours. Has some connection issues from time to time but overall definitely satisfied. Customer service is also helpful on WhatsApp to get you to update firmware.

Dual Bluetooth is not good, overall not bad

I expected much more from a 250$ unit
My car doesn't have an aux input
So I tried the Bluetooth transmitter. I is skipping audio and people talking to me on calls hear themselves with an echo
All that is ok if I use FM transmitter
But quality is much worst

2015 m235i - Love my 10.25-in Android Screen--now with Android 12 and 128/8G!!

I bought this primarily for wireless Android Auto and to update the system. I wanted something that would allow me to retain the functionality of the original Connected Drive, and this absolutely does that. I already had an 8" screen, but in addition to being larger, this screen resolution is beautiful! Everything fit nicely and was relatively easy to install. I was initially a bit annoyed that it tool so long to ship, even thought the website says 2 to 5 days to ARRIVE (actually ended up being 11 days), but they sent me a nice set of interior trim removal and installation tools, which was nice! I thought I was buying a 128G + 6G Android 11 unit, but when it arrived, I was happy to see it was actually Android 12 AND had 8G RAM, instead of 6G. Overall this is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to upgrade their dated head unit to 2023 standards AND retain the OEM functionality as well

Glad that you like our product!
We are very sorry for the problem of logistics timeliness. Due to the best-selling products, our overseas warehouses are always out of stock. We will ensure the quality and improve the efficiency of the factory at the same time. Thank you for your understanding.

For Audi Q5
mircea chetan
link for install

hello. i buy one but i need a link to do te instalation. please send me to the mail [****]

My truck is complete

Because of my navigation system in the 2011 F250 King Ranch, the SYNC system doesn’t work with the Bluetooth connectivity to the unit, however I just used the included AUX cable and plugged the unit into the car system AUX port and turned the output on the Ford to AUX. I then connected my phone to the RoadTop and the wireless CarPlay was connected.

I’m just going to list a bunch of things I like so far!

Everything works flawlessly, I listen to a lot of loud music and the quality is still there, I haven’t messed with the EQ settings, but might one day. All the factory system settings still work and affect the sound. Tapping the small power icon on the main home menu of the device turns the screen off but keeps playing music, which was amazing for driving at night, somewhat of a hidden feature without being labeled.

The screen doesn’t lag at all and boots up fairly quickly. The wireless CarPlay was taking about 15-20 seconds to start playing my music or pull up the map, which wasn’t a noticeably long time. The power cable is long enough for me to feed it around my dash and down below the driver’s cockpit and into the center console, which was a huge bonus being able to completely hide the cable without drilling holes or even removing parts of the dash or console.

To sum everything up, I’m extremely pleased with the functionality of the unit, I wish I could be connected via Bluetooth, but maybe I’m getting better audio with the AUX anyways🤷‍♂️ As you can see in the windshield reflection I’m using the suction cup Mount, I may try to find a much smaller profile solution for this to keep it much cleaner in the future, but other than that I’m completely satisfied and would 100% recommend this to someone who doesn’t have CarPlay, it changes your whole experience, especially on this RoadTop wide screen, it gives an awesome view instead of it being square like the majority of screens.

Wanted to give all the details for the people who need it

Definitely a 10/10

Hi, friend, I'm glad you like our products, feel free to contact our online customer service if you have any questions, wish you a happy life !

You can now have Apple CarPlay in your Tesla!

This product performs as advertised. Fully functional and controlled with touch and Tesla controls. If you want Apple CarPlay in your Tesla this is for you. This seller was very responsive to my questions and would recommend both the product and this seller.

works as advertised

easy to install

Great for long, short trips.

Once installed ( pain the in the booty, cause its a bike) its very user friendly. Glare is an issue if the sun is behind you. But given that its the sun we are talking about it does a okay job.

Advises you of your next turn

I use this product for snowmobiling. I like it because I know what mileage is left to my destination and that I can find gas stations and restaurants.

Pre-assembled some parts on a nice clean surface they are small.

I was very happy with the Roadtop for motorcycles. The screen was very good in direct sunlight. Very easy to useand the mounting bracket work very well on my bike.

Motorcycle GPS

Love this GPS. easy to use great look and love the functionality with phone and helmet communication set.

Quick service and solid product.

Only install for a week but operating as advertised. The delivery was faster than expected and no damage. Very satisfied.

Great upgrade

Took it out this weekend after updating and setting a route in the mountains. It exceeds all of my expectations and is easy to use even with winter riding gloves.

Works great!

It definitely meets my expectations.

Motorcycle navigation

Among the best gps navigation for motorcycle

High quality vdeo.

It's small and no need for an installation. Easily can be move from car to car. I am surprised how clear is the pictures. Good video quality. Need to read the manual before operate.

Roadtop for Motorcycle

Absolutely love mine, does as advertised, excellent quality and design.


Still trying to figure it out. Small screen for us old guys